New updates and improvements to Hedonova

  1. Khaleej Times features Hedonova: A Comprehensive Coverage

    Hedonova + Khaleej Times

    Khaleej Times, a leading Middle Eastern newspaper, has covered Hedonova's new investment strategy introduced in the cryptocurrency market through structured notes. This derivative instrument offers capital protection while allowing uncapped upside, allowing for investment in cryptocurrencies without taking on downside risks, protecting investors' capital even if the crypto market falls. This investment strategy is designed to mitigate risks and is unique in its approach to investing in cryptocurrencies, providing a safer and more secure way to invest.

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  2. Our energy storage handbook is published

    Carbon Storage Report

    We are optimistic about the potential of energy storage and removal space, and plan to make significant investments in this field. With increasing demand for renewable energy sources, efficient energy storage solutions are becoming more crucial than ever. This technical manual irons out the details and does a deep dive into the space.

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  3. Hedonova Named Best Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund at Hedgeweek European Awards 2023

    Best Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund - HedgeWeek

    Hedonova is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Best Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund at the prestigious Hedgeweek European Awards 2023. The awards, which recognise excellence among fund managers and service providers in Europe across a wide range of categories, were presented at an exclusive ceremony and networking event at the Reform Club in London on March 9th, 2023.

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  4. We have invested $2 million in Upmarket's seed round

    Investment made
    Hedonova backs Upmarket in $20 million seed round

    Hedonova has invested $2 million in UpMarket's seed round at a post money valuation of $20 million from our venture arm. Upmarket's mission is similar to ours - to provide access to alternative investments like pre-IPO companies, private equity, venture capital and hedge fund to as many people as possible. While we took the route to create a fund, Upmarket built a market place - think Amazon for alternative investments.

  5. Carbon storage sector in focus

    % breakdown of carbon credit portfolio over time (2)

    It is our belief that the field of carbon capture and storage will be of paramount importance in the coming year, as the world strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Despite the progress that has been made in the realm of nature-based carbon avoidance and removal, it is clear that additional infrastructure will be required to effectively remove carbon from our environments and store it deep underground. In this regard, we have identified the CO2 storage space as a particularly promising area for investment and intend to allocate capital accordingly. Specifically, we will be investing a minimum of $20 million in the energy storage space over the next two years.

  6. Investment in a Chilean energy storage plant

    Investment made
    $16 million investment in energy storage

    Last week, we invested $16 million (around 4% of the fund) in a energy storage plant in Chile. In 2022, Hedonova’s assets under management grew significantly from $160 million to $406 million giving us ample cash to make larger investments. This particular investment is part of our equipment finance portfolio. The plant uses CRYObatteries, a new energy storage technology that use electricity to pressurize air until it turns into a liquid. When the stored energy needs to be released, the liquid air is heated, which leads to rapid expansion of air using which a turbine generated electricity.

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  7. Client support now on WhatsApp

    New and verified WhatsApp support line

    In order to provide quicker and convenient client support, we have dedicated a WhatsApp line. Our new (and verified) WhatsApp number is +1 213 340 1334. Please use this number for instant support.

  8. Now a member of FLAIA

    Inside Hedonova
    Hedonova + FLAIA

    Hedonova is now a member of FLAIA, the leading open access platform for the alternative investment community including sovereign wealth funds, pension funds advisors and family offices.